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Safety in Healthcare.

Manitoba Association for Safety in Healthcare Inc. (MASH) is Manitoba's healthcare specific industry-based safety program (IBSP).

What is MASH?

Manitoba Association for Safety in Healthcare (MASH) is Manitoba’s health care specific, industry-based safety program. We provide safety training, consulting services and Safe Work certification for all health care workers and are committed to working with our members to provide the health and safety resources they need to create a safe work environment for their employees.

Our Services

Safety and Health Program Consulting

Gap Assessments, Program Development, Preparation for Safe Work Certification.

Safety and Health Committee Support

Assisting with Implementation, and providing support.

Safety and Health Training

Safe Work Certified training courses, Workplace Incident Investigations, Hazards Identification and Risk Control.

Our Values

  • Collaboration: An engaging, diverse, and inclusive environment where people share a broad range of perspectives to support the common goal of achieving the highest level of safety and quality care.

  • Excellence: A trusted source of high standards and professionalism where innovation and best practices nurture a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Accountability: Delivering value to the healthcare sector through measurable reduction of preventable harm.

  • Transparency: Ensuring a culture of openness where people have the confidence to report concerns, seek improvements, and receive quick responses to safety needs at all levels.

At Actionmarguerite, becoming SAFE Work certified is service and compassion in action! Leading through innovation, excellence and collaboration demonstrates to employees that we care. We care that they go home safe to their family, and we care enough to be a learning organization that focuses on continuous improvement. We know that employees who work safely are well positioned to provide the best for the residents we support. The people of MASH have been instrumental and proactive in assisting us on our journey to build a culture of safety in health care through certification. We are grateful to be the very first health care organization that is SAFE Work certified; and to be able to call MASH a true partner in safe health care.

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